Batik Butik, situated in Bali Indonesia, is sourcing and distributing handmade batik rayon fabrics for quilting. They are used in traditional sewing and quilting techniques with the best quality in the quilting industry. Batik Butik focus on the details and design product with the complete project in mind to offer the best product using the ancient Indonesian mastery of batik.

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The use of Batik for Interior Design

Batik offers great opportunities, not only for clothes but also for Interior Design.
The use of batik is a unique touch for really original design. It’s primary use is for clothes but is also quite used by Interior Designer who want to create decorations never seen before.

batik interior design

Interior Designer use Batik to provide a colorful and traditional aspect to a room. Batik is often use for the furniture or even directly against the walls for a complete integration with the global architecture. Another frequent use is though carpeting and flooring to provide a vintage look to a complete room.
Lots of Interior Architects use Batik as a way to create a cohesive look that is representative of their unique style.

Interior Designers from around the world – even interior architects from Lyon, France – use Batik as a new trendy way to differenciate themselves and match the need for original and traditional interior design of their customers. It has even started to become mainstream to use batik for this purpose.

Some more information about the Batik

The batik is an ancestral technique to print tissue used in Asia but also in Africa, in country like Burkina Faso or Togo. It’s an art that require the upmost patience and meticulousness. Batik can be made by applying wax resists dyes and allows the artisan to color the product selectively. It’s mainly used for clothes and quilts but some also use it for interior decoration.

Here’s a documentary about the creation of batik :

Indonesia has elevated Batik to a new art and associated it with spiritual and religious symbols. Each caste in the society as a different batik sewing pattern and someone’s rank can be determined by the batik type he wore.
Even if the batik industry slightly declined with the Indonesian independence, it’s now flourishing again since the beginning of the last century.